• Pussy Cats

    Pussy Cats

    Update 2014-08-29
    Category Videoclip

    Comtesse Larissa is serving her rubber cats Jacline and Mary a very special milk. At the garden the cats can play with her and drink. After all the cats get washed unter the shower.

  • Holy Nuns 2

    Holy Nuns 2

    Update 2014-08-18
    Category Lifestyle

    Novice Mary is entering the next level at the Rubbersisters monastery. She has to cover her face whith a rubber mask to be total enclosed. Now supervisory Monica brings another very important item to seal the novice and keep her off from unauthorized pleasure. Thxs to photographer M.

  • Holy Nuns

    Holy Nuns

    Update 2014-08-08
    Category Lifestyle

    At the Rubbersisters monastery, novice Mary is getting introduced to the most important skills and behaviors suitable for a rubber nun. Nun Jacline is practising with her all kinds of useful things to go to hell.

  • Doll Inspection

    Doll Inspection

    Update 2014-07-28
    Category Videoclip

    Medical physican Comtesse Larissa is checking all the holes from rubber doll Mary Jale and Monica at the Rubbersisters clinic. Mary has to sit on a gyno chair to get a very special treatment. Monica in here doll suit has to support Larissa to reach the right result.

  • Parlour


    Update 2014-07-18
    Category Lifestyle

    Today the rubber girls Hannah Price, Comtesse Larissa and Monica come together to take about fun. Maid Jacline serves champagne. This naugthy girl just lick the spilled liquid from the tablet. See what happend now!

  • Trailer

    Update 2014-08-30
    Category Lifestyle

    Come in our Member Area and you will have access to the most exciting and exclusive member contents! Always 20 actual videos to stream in “HD” high defination! Monthly 3 new updates! Pictures in high resolution 1200 x 800 pixel! See the Rubbersisters livestyle close to the action!

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