Transformation ( 2453 Photos )


Update: 2013-01-28 / Showtime

La Poupette is presenting Monica a new latex dress what she has to wear at the next upcoming show. She helps Monica to undressing herself and pulling on the tight transparent purple dress. Finally she get polished to be ready for the show.

Bavarian Dirndl

Update: 2012-09-24 / Bavarian Dirndl

A Bavarian boy has to transform himself into a typical dressed bavarian Dirndl. Then outdoor she has to practice the behaviour of a real woman. Also bicycling and drinking beer like a lady she had to train, getting prepared for the Munich Oktoberfest visit.

Give me a Minute

Update: 2012-06-22 / Give me a Minute

At the weekend Monica was invited to go out! She slept long and had to hurry up getting ready...going to toilet, styling her hair and apply a nice make up. Finaly she put on her nylons and a short black dress. See all steps she has to do, to look like a perfect sexy woman!


Update: 2012-02-17 / Fembit

Lady La Poupette invited her lover to the castle. He has no idea what it will happening with him! In the bedroom the Lady transformed into a latex vampire and bit her victum. The feminization makes her crazy...! See the surprise what is comming!

Self Transformation

Update: 2012-01-06 / Self Transformation

Monica got finally her new boobs and tried them on straight away.The amazing breasts feel absolutely soft, fits perfectly and the high quality medical silicone boobs look so realistic and sexy like natural boobs. Now Monicas mask, the silicon figure pants and the new breast torso makes the female transformation perfect. A dream comes true! More at soon


Update: 2011-04-29 / Shorewards

Monica decided to do a short trip to the beach for catching some sun and relaxing. She likes wearing her tight jeans over the Busty Moniquin Suit and a short top over her big boobs. She was so excited that her nipples comes through the shirt. She spent some time at the restaurant and loves walking on the beach!

Girlfriends Visit

Update: 2011-03-28 / Girlfriends Visit

Monica got a visit from her girlfriends Fetishdea and Jacline. The rubber addicted ladies surprised her friend with new latex clothings. All 3 can`t wait to see the new outfit on Monica and helped her getting dressed. The latex dress complements her sexy figure perfectly!

Call a Doll 2

Update: 2011-03-07 / Call a Doll 2

Rubber doll "La Poupette" was completely covered in a tight rubber skin from head to toe. The female mask and a nice blond wig makes her even more pritty. Finally Monica dressed up her kinky doll with white stockings, corset and high heels. Monica was wearing her new inflateable doll suit

Call a Doll

Update: 2011-02-25 / Call a Doll

Monica saw an inspiring picture in a magazine. She got horny and decided to call a doll to fulfil her passion. As "La Poupette" arrived, she had to pull on a heavy rubber doll suit. The female mask completes the total rubber doll transformation perfecty! She liked to play with her...