Transformation ( 1915 Photos )

Call a Doll 2

Update: 2011-03-07 / Call a Doll 2

Rubber doll "La Poupette" was completely covered in a tight rubber skin from head to toe. The female mask and a nice blond wig makes her even more pritty. Finally Monica dressed up her kinky doll with white stockings, corset and high heels. Monica was wearing her new inflateable doll suit

Call a Doll

Update: 2011-02-25 / Call a Doll

Monica saw an inspiring picture in a magazine. She got horny and decided to call a doll to fulfil her passion. As "La Poupette" arrived, she had to pull on a heavy rubber doll suit. The female mask completes the total rubber doll transformation perfecty! She liked to play with her...