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Miss Fetilicious

Update: 19.04.2017 / Miss Fetilicious

Miss Fetilicous is a very professional fetish model and addicted to rubber. She loves to collect rubber clothings. We have done alredy a few shootings and it was a pleasure to work with her. Certainly we will do more naughty stories in the future.


Update: 18.06.2016 / Transformation

Mistress Sandra from fetish-live and Jacline transformed a man into a woman. From now on his name will be Monica. He has to stay in his new rubber skin until he gets completely feminine ... Pictures: Harald Wilfer

Fetish Foto

Update: 16.06.2014 / Fetish Foto

Peter Felix Kurtz is a long-established and internationally renowned photographer and film-maker, specializing in stylish and provocative fetish and BDSM images and video. Mistress Hannah Price is a well-published fetish-model, film-maker, and an experienced dominatrix.

Mary Jale

Update: 03.03.2014 / Mary Jale

Mary Jale is a very talented fetish model and most of all very addicted to rubber. She loves her latex wardrobe and wants to own more and more. To dress up herself and play noty games is really a passion of her. 

Dutch Dame

Update: 25.12.2012 / Dutch Dame

Dutch Dame first experiences with fetish was latex. The touch and smell made her shiver with joy. Besides latex she have been trying other fetish, like stockings, corsets, high heels, hoods, uniforms, and many more! Some stayed and some were great to try once. Many thanks to our friend Dutch Dame for this lovely guest gallery.

Marquis Nurses

Update: 06.08.2011 / Marquis Nurses

Marquis best rubber nurses are all photographed by Peter W. Czernich. Certainly he brings out the very sexist look of his beautiful models. Peter inspires us every time again with his wunderful work. Many thanks Peter for this fantastic pictures.

Heavy Rubber Girls

Update: 04.03.2011 / Heavy Rubber Girls

The best heavy rubber girls around the world are all photographed by Peter W. Czernich. Certainly he is the master of rubber fetish and he inspires us already over a few decades. Many thanks to Peter for this beautiful pictures.

Baroness Bijou

Update: 25.11.2009 / Baroness Bijou

Our good friend Baroness Bijou lives her latex fetish every day and enjoys to be fotographed in her dominant role. She also loves high heels, military and riding outfits.

Christine Kessler

Update: 22.11.2008 / Christine Kessler

Christine Kessler, an excellent fetish photographer from L.A. send us a great guest gallery presenting the best Models in the fetish scene.

Fetish Vanessa

Update: 30.07.2008 / Fetish Vanessa

Our friend Vanessa loves latex and kinky clothes very much. Every time we see her, she looks so beautiful and sexy in her fetish outfits. Many thanks for the guest gallery.


Update: 07.06.2008 / Rubbervita

Manuela is a very talented and good looking rubber model. She wears latex clothing made by Simon-O. The very creativ couple from Vienna doing a good job. Many thanks for the guest gallery.


Update: 30.03.2007 / Kinkyponygirl

Just look at the kinky ponygirl Anna.
She send us some really nice pics
from her new homepage Kinkyponygirl

Many thanks ... 


Update: 17.03.2006 / Pupett

This week we are staying with our friends Pupett in San Francisco and visiting the SF-Fetish-ball. Many thanks to Pupett for the Guest Gallery and Mark from serious bondage for the organisation.


Update: 14.11.2005 / Kitty

Rubber weekend im Kitty-Cat-Club Munich Monica and Jacline will go to the Part on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th Nov. 2005 Come and meet us there!!!! Here some pics from the party last year. The Rubbersisters with lexalane and other good friends.