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Update: 04.05.2019 / Wrestling

The RS wrestling competition starts with star fighter Jolie Joviale and Avina Amante . Referee Monica Figures get seriously in trouble becouse of unjustified decisions.

Rubber Spa 2

Update: 24.04.2019 / Rubber Spa 2

We all get very hot completely dressed in rubber with Rubberstar under the solarium! Afterwards a cooling down in the pool was really necessary! Photographer: Fred Kyrel

Rubber Spa

Update: 03.04.2019 / Rubber Spa

What happend when the Rubbersisters & Rubberstar visit a luxury hotel spa, dressed completely in rubber? All parties are getting really hot... We agree, that naked is not enough in the sauna!! Photographer: Fred Kyrel

Boobs Theater

Update: 23.03.2019 / Boobs Theater

At the Rubbersisters Theater, Monica presents her bounce breasts enclosed in transparent latex. She is posing in her rubber catsuit and trying to disguise her big breasts. No chance, the shiny latex shows everything.

Cave Nunnery 2

Update: 20.02.2019 / Cave Nunnery 2

The Rubbersisters new Novizin get strict education in rubber nuns hebits. Monica is watching her carefully, while Jacline is teaching her how to handle the special nuns equipment. La Poupette get incorporated very good after a while in the cave nunnery.

Cave Nunnery

Update: 09.02.2019 / Cave Nunnery

A new novizin arrived at the cave nunnery. First, Jacline tears down her clothes. Monica, the lay sister decided to lock her up, completely naked overnight, to bring her into the right devot mood. The Rubbersisters transform her into a rubber nun. La Poupette gets her first impression of the pervy monastic life.

Red Rubber

Update: 08.12.2018 / Red Rubber

Monica loves the colour red and also inflatable rubber figure suits. She wears the suit the whole day while waiting for Santa Claus. She is already very excited what presents he will bring her this year.

Summer Fashion

Update: 05.09.2018 / Summer Fashion

Monica presents her favorite summer clothes. In order to find the most suitable things for her, she had to try many bikinis, swimsuits and tops. She is very satisfied with her choice and feels confident to go out.

Heavy Rubber

Update: 04.07.2018 / Heavy Rubber

3 rubber girls addicted to gas masks, dildos and shiny black rubber, was bound together to restrain her movements. The holes was filled with dildos. They had to keep her breath under control, because the balloons did not allow big excitments. Models: Monica, Jacline and Aline

Hair Stylist

Update: 10.03.2018 / Hair Stylist

After Monica's beauty bath she get dressed up with sexy white underwear and high heels. Maid and hair stylist Mary Jale is doing her hair for an upcomming special event. Her long blond hairs get coiled and pinned up. Monica is already very exited how she will looks like.

Beauty Bath

Update: 28.02.2018 / Beauty Bath

Mary Jale is preparing a beauty bath for Monica. She helps her to get washed everywhere. While the naked girl is relaxing, her maid Mary gets turned on from the new Moniquin suit and she is not holding back with her passion. 


Update: 07.02.2018 / Poolside

After a long day fully dressed in latex the girls decided to go into the garden to take a cold drink. The fantastic pool invide Monica, Jacline and Comtesse Larissa to cool down their rubber skin. Just see how they heat up again after the bath.

Rubber Villa

Update: 27.01.2018 / Rubber Villa

The Rubbersisters get invited to a beautiful rubber villa in Costa Rica. Comtesse Larissa is showing the girls around. All day long they wear latex and enjoy the peaceful and tropical place. Only females are allowed to enter this house.

Red Love

Update: 27.12.2017 / Red Love

Santa Claus has brought Monica new lingerie in her favorit colour red and baby pink. She loves this colours especially if they are transparent. Also she got a new dress, what she will show you next year. Stay tuned!

Pony Girls

Update: 04.11.2017 / Pony Girls

two Rubbersisters pony girls allowed to stay at the fireplace room during the cold season. Pony Jacline and Mary enjoy the heat and play together. They do not only practise pony behavior.

Hot Rubber

Update: 25.10.2017 / Hot Rubber

Monica and Honeyhair decided to drive to the popular Boundcon exhibition by car. They dressed themself in black shiny rubber and take a sporty black porsche. The girls arrived not only with hot tyres. Photos:

Black Girls

Update: 04.10.2017 / Black Girls

Rubber doll Monica and Shinyaline decided to use the pervy black doll Jacline as her pleasure rubber toy. They bond her arms and start playing in the white room with a strapon. Photos: SPO Munich

Living Buffet

Update: 23.09.2017 / Living Buffet

The Rubbersisters meet Lady G in a kinky bar. They decided to use the barkeeper Venus for her pleasure. The girls took off her latex dress and placed some fresh fruits on her body. This delicate girl tastes so sexy that the girls start doing naughty thinks. Photos:

House Maid

Update: 02.09.2017 / House Maid

Monica is working in an excellent hotel in Amsterdam as a house maid. She has to wear a rubber maid uniform. Monica likes housekeeping very much especially when the hotel guests are excited to see her cleaning.

Girlfriend 2

Update: 23.08.2017 / Girlfriend 2

Monica and Miss Fetilicious unpack the suitcase and dress each other with matching rubber clothes. The girlfriends really love to touch, smell and wear latex. Also the feminine bright colours tease the girls a lot.