Clinic ( 2241 Photos )


Update: 25.05.2019 / Catheterisation

After a rubberised male to female transformation the nurses Valentina and Jacline have to place a catheter on Monica to make sure everything get caught savely without her control.

Addicted Nurses

Update: 06.10.2018 / Addicted Nurses

Three addicted rubber nurses make the patients beds at the RS clinic! They dont waste any time and start a pervy clinic session. Hannah start stroking Jacline with a magic wont. Monica and Hannah are also getting horny. All 3 nurses ending up with a huge orgasm in the patients room. Photos: Peter Felix Kurtz

Red Clinic

Update: 04.08.2018 / Red Clinic

Jacline is sitting on a gyno chair to get a checkup! These 2 transparent and red rubber lovers doing some dildo experiments. Monica feels up her wet pussy and loves to play with her real rubberdoll. Photos: Peter Felix Kurtz

Clinic Dollsuit

Update: 06.01.2018 / Clinic Dollsuit

At the Rubbersisters clinic they are always rubber dolls around. In this specialised rubber doll clinic they have another version of doll suits now for the patients to wear. Monica is demonstrating the new look in different session situations.

Orgasm Therapy 2

Update: 06.12.2017 / Orgasm Therapy 2

At the next day the therapy of patient Fetilicious goes further. She has to lay down on a gyn chair entirely sealed in rubber. The female mask hid her bashfulness. The special chair is prepared with a impulse machine. The Rubbersisters has to reassure the girl to get the best result.

Orgasm Therapy

Update: 25.11.2017 / Orgasm Therapy

At the Rubbersisters hospital they offer special orgasm treatments for woman. Patient Fetilicious has to look rubber clinic films all day to keep her horny. Sister Monica and Jacline guide her patients and dress them for a new therapy day.


Update: 15.02.2017 / OP-Preparation

The hospital nurse Shinyaline prepared herself for the next transformation OP. The Rubbersisters helped her to get dressed and they started to check the new prosthetic breasts. The girls are savely covered with rubber and ready to start. The story continues.

Nurse education

Update: 20.08.2016 / Nurse education

3 rubber dolls, Sarah, Jacline and Monica start a very exciting nurse education. Supervisory nurse Aline is teaching her students all what a real rubber nurse has to know...

Klinik Bizarr

Update: 08.06.2016 / Klinik Bizarr

Monica and Jacline, the Doctors couple did a big "check up" on a special patient. They both checked all functions of the volunteer during his stay at the hospital. The patient seemed to enjoyed the medical treatment from the Rubbersisters...

Clinic Dolls

Update: 16.03.2016 / Clinic Dolls

Today, the rubber dolls Mary Jale and Monica have a pre-examination at the Rubbersisters hospital. Doctor  Larissa inspects all rubberized holes from her patients. Boths girls get a very filling enema and have to wait until the doctor is comming back.  

Rubber Patient

Update: 13.02.2016 / Rubber Patient

...during the waiting for the doctor, Jacline is getting very excited in her transparent rubber outfit. What kind of sickness, she may have?

Secret Vibrations

Update: 02.01.2016 / Secret Vibrations

At the Rubbersisters clinic the two nurses Mary Jale and Jacline having a short break. The rubber girls use the time to experiment with new arrived tools on herself. This rubber personal really know how to get highly specialised in the feld.

Clinical Transform

Update: 31.10.2015 / Clinical Transform

...the first part of a clinic rubber transformation where a male get permanently transformed into a female. There is no return with this serious operation. Starring Monica, Jacline and Valentina.

Clinic Personal

Update: 20.07.2015 / Clinic Personal

The personal from the Rubbersisters clinic is very experience in nipping and tucking. Dr. Monica and Dr. Jacline leading the hospital in a very strict manner. All personal and patients have to wear rubber all over. Nurse Mary Jale is getting regular training on all medical machines.      

Forced Milking

Update: 27.04.2015 / Forced Milking

Mary Jale contrived a new form of getting more of Monicas juice. She convert the fucking machine to a melking automate. To push the result even further she sits on her and supports the machine to get the maximum speed and force. Sponsoring: Demask

Fick Machine

Update: 12.01.2015 / Fick Machine

Patient Mary would like to have a prolonged treatment on the fick machine at the Rubbersisters clinic. No problem for Monica and Jacline. The nurses bind Mary at the hospital bed and switched on the power level.

Patient Mary 2

Update: 19.09.2014 / Patient Mary 2

The treatment for Mary Jale carries on with a very special aroma therapy. Afterwards  she gets an intestinal tube inserted into her vaginal . The doctors Monica and Jacline decide to keep her at the clinic for the night. Many thanks to our photographer M.

Patient Mary

Update: 14.03.2014 / Patient Mary

Mary Jale went to the Rubbersisters clinic for a cosmetic improvement of her skin. Before Mary got her new 2nd skin she had to clean herself carefully. The nurses Jacline & Monica helped her to get ready and brought her into the rubber hospital´s bed for the night.    


Update: 05.08.2013 / Operation

Today, Monica is getting a breast enlargement at the Rubbersisters cosmetic clinic. Surgeon Larissa is sewing the new silicone boobs on her chest and nurse Mary assists. Whilst they are at it, they decide to do some more...  

Nursing Student

Update: 03.06.2013 / Nursing Student

Rubbersisters new pevy nursing student Mary Jale has to dress up in her bizarre nurse latex uniform. Chief nurse Jacline has no mercy with her. Mary has to learn to stay fully inclosed in rubber now all the time.