Clinic (2355 Photos)

Metal Nurses

Update: 2024-06-05 / Metal Nurses

Monica and Jacline visit the Studio Marquis again. In the sober, cool studio atmosphere, the girls need some time to get going. Jacline checks Monica's clinic outfit. The medical treatments are showing an effect. Photography: Peter W. Czernich


Update: 2024-04-03 / Gynecologist

Monica goes to the gynecologist and is very surprised at what the doctor examines! First, she should undress completely and sit on a gynecological chair. The female assistant, dressed in white rubber, fixes Monica on the chair and the examination begins. Photos and studio: Matthias Wallmeier

Clinical Affair

Update: 2023-09-27 / Clinical Affair

Monica and Jacline prepare to examine the patient “La Poupette”. First she examines the medical instruments available. The nurses decide that the best medicine for this perverted patient is to transform her into a rubber doll. A sedative injection helps the patient relax.

Incontinent Doll 2

Update: 2022-12-07 / Incontinent Doll 2

Nurses Monica & Bijou continue their treatment on incontinent patient Jacline. Bijou pull out the plug and the golden wet comes again. The sisters decide to put special piss pants on the rubber doll so that nothing is lost during the day.

Incontinent Doll

Update: 2022-11-16 / Incontinent Doll

Jacline lies wrapped in transparent latex, plugged and fixed in the hospital bed all night. In the morning the nurses Monica & Baroness Bijou come and wake up the patient. Rubber doll Jacline get prepared for the examination room to examine her incontinence.


Update: 2022-03-09 / Pupation

Poupette fights tooth and nail as the Rubbersisters put her ballet boots on. The patient is put on a female mask to calm her down and then she looks a bit disheveled. The first steps as a rubber doll still look a bit handicapped, but after hours of training it works without crutches. Photographer: Matthias Wallmeier

Boob Job

Update: 2021-12-04 / Boob Job

La Poupette opts for breast augmentation at the Rubbersisters Clinic. After signing the contract, she has to completely undress. Sister Monica & Jacline cover her body with latex and fill the breast cups with silicone breasts to create an incredibly sexy figure.

Doll Transformation 2

Update: 2021-07-31 / Doll Transformation 2

Monica and Jacline can not wait to complete their new rubber doll. They cover the face of patient Bijou with a latex female mask and a nice blond wig. After the final transformation the new latex doll is ready for a clinic excursions with the sisters.

Doll Transformation

Update: 2020-03-14 / Doll Transformation

The next patient arrive for a medical prevention examination. The doll nurses request patient Bijou to undress. While her victim is anaesthetized they used the situation to cover her body completely in latex. This is only the beginning of the pupation!

Final OP

Update: 2019-07-27 / Final OP

Monica get her final operation to become a real rubberdoll. After she waked up, the two rubber nurses Shinyaline and Jacline removed the binding and inspect all functions. Everything worked out very well. Monica has to stand up to do the first steps as a rubber girl.


Update: 2019-05-25 / Catheterisation

After a rubberised male to female transformation the nurses Valentina and Jacline have to place a catheter on Monica to make sure everything get caught savely without her control.

Addicted Nurses

Update: 2018-10-06 / Addicted Nurses

Three addicted rubber nurses make the patients beds at the RS clinic! They dont waste any time and start a pervy clinic session. Hannah start stroking Jacline with a magic wont. Monica and Hannah are also getting horny. All 3 nurses ending up with a huge orgasm in the patients room. Photos: Peter Felix Kurtz

Red Clinic

Update: 2018-08-04 / Red Clinic

Jacline is sitting on a gyno chair to get a checkup! These 2 transparent and red rubber lovers doing some dildo experiments. Monica feels up her wet pussy and loves to play with her real rubberdoll. Photos: Peter Felix Kurtz

Clinic Dollsuit

Update: 2018-01-06 / Clinic Dollsuit

At the Rubbersisters clinic they are always rubber dolls around. In this specialised rubber doll clinic they have another version of doll suits now for the patients to wear. Monica is demonstrating the new look in different session situations.

Orgasm Therapy 2

Update: 2017-12-06 / Orgasm Therapy 2

At the next day the therapy of patient Fetilicious goes further. She has to lay down on a gyn chair entirely sealed in rubber. The female mask hid her bashfulness. The special chair is prepared with a impulse machine. The Rubbersisters has to reassure the girl to get the best result.

Orgasm Therapy

Update: 2017-11-25 / Orgasm Therapy

At the Rubbersisters hospital they offer special orgasm treatments for woman. Patient Fetilicious has to look rubber clinic films all day to keep her horny. Sister Monica and Jacline guide her patients and dress them for a new therapy day.

OP Preparation

Update: 2017-02-15 / OP Preparation

The hospital nurse Shinyaline prepare herself for the next transformation. The Rubbersisters help to dress her and start to check the new prosthetic breasts. The nurses are savely covered with rubber and ready to start. The story continues.

Nurse Education

Update: 2016-08-20 / Nurse Education

3 rubber dolls, Sarah, Jacline and Monica start a very exciting nurse education. Supervisory nurse Aline is teaching her students all what a real rubber nurse has to know...

Klinik Bizarr

Update: 2016-06-08 / Klinik Bizarr

Monica and Jacline, the Doctors couple did a big "check up" on a special patient. They both checked all functions of the volunteer during his stay at the hospital. The patient seemed to enjoyed the medical treatment from the Rubbersisters...

Clinic Dolls

Update: 2016-03-16 / Clinic Dolls

Today, the rubber dolls Mary Jale and Monica have a pre-examination at the Rubbersisters hospital. Doctor  Larissa inspects all rubberized holes from her patients. Boths girls get a very filling enema and have to wait until the doctor is comming back.