Rubber Bond

Update: 2024-03-02 / Rubber Bond

Jacline is forced by Larissa to be a sex toy in black rubber and cold steel. Larissa's ultimate fetish fantasy is to transform her victims into completely different rubber creatures. Rubber addict Larissa loves being in tight, shiny latex with her toy all day long.

Rubber Cat

Update: 2024-02-21 / Rubber Cat

Monica and Jacline play with their pet cat, Rubberstar. Your cuddly cat always needs a lot of attention. Playing with the completely rubberized cat makes the Rubbersisters very horny. It's always a very erotic evening when the three rubber girls play this role game. Camera: Tontom

Jail Cellar

Update: 2024-02-10 / Jail Cellar

During an extraordinary party, Monica has to go to the toilet and follows the sign that leads down to the basement. But there is no toilet there, just a kind of prison. She inspects the facility and suddenly someone locks her up. What's happening to her?

Rope up Dolls

Update: 2024-01-31 / Rope up Dolls

The Rubbersisters Monica & Jacline were invited to an exclusive bondage photo shoot at the Bredo Studio in Dortmund. Monica and Nicole tie their dolls into perfect latex statues and can therefore control their movements as desired. Thanks to Amruniel Dark, Drag Lady Lulu and Justine Simone for the photos

Rubber Doll Contest

Update: 2024-01-20 / Rubber Doll Contest

A Rubber Sisters Doll Contest took place in Hamburg, Edelfettwerk 2010. The sisters start with a striptease show by Monica with La Poupette and Bijou. The competition then starts with the candidates Katya Lynx, Rubber Pupett, Yvonne and Gaelle. Many thanks to our friends and helpers for their active support.

Give me a Minute

Update: 2024-01-10 / Give me a Minute

At the weekend Monica is invited to go out! She sleeps for a long time and had to hurry to get ready. She does her hair and applies elaborate makeup. Finally she puts on nylons and a short black dress. How does she will look like as a sexy girl?

Slappers 2

Update: 2023-12-30 / Slappers 2

After the girls inspect all the rubber toys, they put on the gas masks and start making each other shiny and greasy. They start working on the black rubber cock until it is very hard and slippery. Jacline, Larissa and Mary want now to fill all there holes. Photography M.

Cocktail Lounge

Update: 2023-12-20 / Cocktail Lounge

Tonight Monica is going to a private cocktail party. To get there she has to go through the city. She wears her Gloria mask, Moniquin figure pants and a Moniquin torso under her tight black dress. She likes to walk in public with high heels and enjoys people's attention. She does a striptease at the private party.

Transparent Dolls

Update: 2023-12-09 / Transparent Dolls

Rubberdoll Monica has a perverted dream! While she is sleeping, two completely rubberized girls come and lie down in bed with her. They touch her breasts with rubber gloved fingers and inspect the wet pussy. Now everyone starts playing with rubber cocks. Models: Monica, Jacline and Shinyaline


Update: 2023-11-29 / Showtime

La Poupette shows Monica a new latex dress to wear for the next show. She helps Monica undress and examines her naked breasts and pussy. The skin-tight, transparent tube dress fits like a glove. She get polished to shine and now Monica looks stunning.