Update: 2022-08-03 / Secretaries

In the 2nd-skin office, the secretaries are busy preparing a new female mask for sale. Avina and Jolie examine the new prospectus and want to see the mask for real. Jacline brings the Angelina mask and Avante is so excited that she wants to try it out right away.

Clinic Girls

Update: 2022-07-23 / Clinic Girls

There is a strong smell of rubber in the clinic room. Nurses Monica, Jacline and Hannah are about to play their kinky clinic games. They pleasured each other with a medical massager. Next patient please. Video recordings by: Peter Felix Kurtz


Update: 2022-07-13 / Ropemarks

At the Boundcon in Munich, the Rubbersisters met the bondage artist Robemarks and let him tie them up with Dutch Dame at the booth. They were tied up in front of the visitors. The girls had no chance to escape the hungry stares of the crowd.


Update: 2022-07-02 / Rubberised

Monica is preparing herself in the dressing room to get ready for her next customer. She decid to cover her curvy body in transparent latex. The extremely tied corset shapes her sexy figure perfectly. This is the way, how Monica is confidently to receive her clients.

Nurse Apprentice

Update: 2022-06-22 / Nurse Apprentice

A new trainee is presented in the Rubbersisters Clinic. Nurses Fetilicious, Jacline and Monica will scrutinize her very closely. Christel has to put up with a lot of tease to be accepted by her college sisters.

Folien Bondage

Update: 2022-06-11 / Folien Bondage

Two horny girls are dressed all in black rubber and play with each other. Jacline is completely wrapped in plastic wrap by Petra and is then at her mercy. She loves to tease her helpless friend with dildos.


Update: 2022-06-01 / Montreal

The Rubbersisters have been invited to the world famous Fetish Weekend in Montreal. Hundreds of fetishists come in their favorite clothes and Monica and Jacline also show their best outfits this weekend. Also see the Rubbersisters backstage.

Space Dolls

Update: 2022-05-21 / Space Dolls

After Johann has started the journey into the opposite sex, he continues in space as a love doll. Miss Fetilicious returns to the spaceship from an away mission and has fun with her ever-ready silicon doll.

Hair Dresser

Update: 2022-05-11 / Hair Dresser

Monica has decided on a new hairstyle today and calls a hairdresser immediately. Mary Jale arrives and immediately starts cutting her blonde long hair. After a while Monica looks in the mirror - omg! see what happened

Boundcon VIII

Update: 2022-04-30 / Boundcon VIII

The Rubbersisters visit the famous Boundcon fair in Munich and take the opportunity to publicly train their slave La Poupette. Monica & Jacline put her in chains, gag her mouth and play extensively with her defenseless victim. Then she is put in a cage for everyone to see. Photos: Fetograf