Clinical Affair

Update: 2023-09-27 / Clinical Affair

Monica and Jacline prepare to examine the patient “La Poupette”. First she examines the medical instruments available. The nurses decide that the best medicine for this perverted patient is to transform her into a rubber doll. A sedative injection helps the patient relax.

Bridal Night

Update: 2023-09-16 / Bridal Night

Monica marries her friend Jill Diamond in Heidelberg. She doesn't know what her wife plans to do with her on her wedding night. The poor bride Monica now has to endure all sorts of sexual practices on her wedding night!

Clinic Dolls

Update: 2023-09-06 / Clinic Dolls

After turning their patient Bijou into a rubber doll wearing a female mask, Monica and Jacline start the examination. The Rubber Sisters clinic is full of rubber, sex toys, masks and dildos. All three dolls enjoy touching, licking their breasts and pussies and using the hot clinical toys for their pleasure.


Update: 2023-08-26 / Fembit

La Poupette invites her lover to her castle. He has no idea what to expect! In the bedroom, the lady suddenly turns into a latex vampire and bites her victim. Suddenly he also begins to transform and takes on female forms. The transformation has begun and there is no turning back.


Update: 2023-08-16 / Shorewards

Monica decides to take a trip to the beach to soak up some sun and relax. She is wearing her tight jeans, a Moniquin bodysuit and a short top over it. She is so excited that her nipples are poking through the t-shirt. She spends some time in the restaurant and then goes for a walk on the beach!

Pizza Boy - Pleasure Doll

Update: 2023-08-05 / Pizza Boy - Pleasure Doll

The story of the Pizza Boy now continues on a penalty bench! Jacline and La Poupette show this poor guy what a sexy woman has to do to arouse a man. Strapped down and helpless, he has to endure the girls' games. Camera and location: Matthias Wallmeier

Self Transformation

Update: 2023-07-26 / Self Transformation

Monica got new breasts and tried them on right away. The amazing breasts feel absolutely soft and natural, fit here upper body perfectly and the high quality medical grade silicone looks as realistic and sexy as real breasts. Now the mask, figure pants and the new chest torso made the female transformation perfect. A dream becomes true!


Update: 2023-07-15 / Skipper

This summer Monica is a skipper on a boat in Croatia. She enjoys the warm days at sea and wears her waterproof latex clothing. In the harbor she has to get a few things for the evening.

rubber doll

Update: 2023-07-05 / rubber doll

In captivity, Paul now has to work in Miss Velor's dungeon disguised as a rubber doll. As a female sex doll, Paul must treat another captive man, also fully encased in shiny latex. Mistress Jacline and Miss Velor make the sex doll play with the tied man's cock. There is now no escape for Paul.

Pony Ride

Update: 2023-06-24 / Pony Ride

Before the German fetish ball begins, the Rubbersisters decide to take their latex pony Gaelle for a ride in the nearby park area. As the sun sets, the pony gets more and more excited and Monica has to tighten the reins. Jacline whips the pony to make it docile.