Mess Up

Update: 2019-07-17 / Mess Up

Avina Amante and Jacline are fully dressed in transparent and black latex. In between the shootings they had a short break. The girls started to eat some sweets and this derailed completely in a mess. You can see what happend, if you leave rubber girls enjoying tasty and slippery cakes.


Update: 2019-07-06 / Interrogation

The always horny rubber girl Anna Rose was fixed on her hands and legs, so she couldn´t escape. Jacline prepared her sexy ass with electrical devices while Monica started to control her passion. It was a very succsessful interrogation!!

New Doll 2

Update: 2019-06-26 / New Doll 2

After the Rubbersisters dressed Petra with a black rubber catsuit the face has to be covered also with rubber. Jacline brings a full head female mask and the girls start to transform her client completely.

Kinky Lesbians

Update: 2019-06-26 / Kinky Lesbians

After Monica´s first ballet training with Hannah and Jacline, the girls had some pervy ideas to continue the lesson in high laced ballet boots. Monica get involved into a lesbians play! All of them enjoyed licking and touching each other and everthing!

Munich City

Update: 2019-06-15 / Munich City

Two blond girl friends driving together to the center of Munich. Lady Vanessa and Monica go to the city garden and after the exciting sightseeing tour they will have a drink at the famous Tambosi bar.

New Doll

Update: 2019-06-05 / New Doll

The Rubbersisters get a visit from Lady Petra. She likes to get transformed into a living rubber doll. Monica and Jacline are specialists in this. They undress Petra and squeeze her in a rubber suit.


Update: 2019-05-25 / Catheterisation

After a rubberised male to female transformation the nurses Valentina and Jacline have to place a catheter on Monica to make sure everything get caught savely without her control.


Update: 2019-05-15 / Wrestling

The Rubbersisters' female wrestling competition starts with fighter Jolie Joviale and Avina Amante. After an unjustified decision, the referee Monica gets seriously in trouble. The girls ignore the rules and attack the referee.


Update: 2019-05-04 / Wrestling

The RS wrestling competition starts with star fighter Jolie Joviale and Avina Amante . Referee Monica Figures get seriously in trouble becouse of unjustified decisions.

Rubber Spa 2

Update: 2019-04-24 / Rubber Spa 2

We all get very hot completely dressed in rubber with Rubberstar under the solarium! Afterwards a cooling down in the pool was really necessary! Photographer: Fred Kyrel