Get Masked

Update: 2022-11-26 / Get Masked

This morning Monica gets a visit from her friend Jolie. The girls want to try the new masks today. They wear makeup and long-haired wigs. Then they put on sexy clothes that show off their shapely hourglass figures and go for a walk.

Incontinent Doll

Update: 2022-11-16 / Incontinent Doll

Jacline lies wrapped in transparent latex, plugged and fixed in the hospital bed all night. In the morning the nurses Monica & Baroness Bijou come and wake up the patient. Rubber doll Jacline get prepared for the examination room to examine her incontinence.

Blue Dungeon

Update: 2022-11-05 / Blue Dungeon

Monica is invited to an exclusive dominatrix studio in Munich. There she has the opportunity to test all the devices herself. Dressed in her Busty Moniquin suit, Gloria mask and high lace-up boots, she enjoys the tingling atmosphere that puts Monica in an erotic mood.


Update: 2022-10-26 / Exhibition

At the Fetish Expo Boundcon, Munich, Monica presents the new generation of female silicone masks. Everyone can have their own female masks made to measure. At the booth of Dutch Dame and Mark Rope, the Rubbersisters get tied up together. Video, music and editing by Eric.

Living Statue

Update: 2022-10-15 / Living Statue

Halloween is coming and maid La Poupette has to clean the living room before the party. As she dusts the figurines, a statue comes to life and punishes the maid for her poor work.

Trash Dolls

Update: 2022-10-05 / Trash Dolls

Before the party starts, Monica and Jacline meet up with their Italian friend Rubberstar to warm up at the club location. The 3 latex girls are not only turned on by the music sound, but also by their looks. They have a very exciting night together with all the discoveries they make.

Shopping Vienna

Update: 2022-09-24 / Shopping Vienna

It's a cold and rainy day, anyway Manuela and Monica decide to go shopping in Vienna. They will dress in appropriate waterproof latex clothing. Monica wears a new female mask with her eyes open so she can see better in traffic. The latex girls take the tram downtown.

Feminisation Part 2

Update: 2022-09-14 / Feminisation Part 2

Jacline and La Poupette can't wait to put the patient in his new second skin. First, the patient is given a special anesthetic. The two nurses stun him so that he can take the next steps without resisting. He gets nice breasts, a feminine face, wide hips and a narrow waist. The new doll is called Linda.

Feminisation 1/2

Update: 2022-09-03 / Feminisation 1/2

In a specialized feminization clinic, two rubber nurses prepare for their next patient. The patient is first completely shaved. Then the girls take his measurements to choose the appropriate clothes. The refined transformation into a female silicone doll begins.


Update: 2022-08-24 / Astronauts

two rubberdolls are in the spaceship on a space mission. Austronaut Fetilicious has to put on a latex spacesuit today to do experiments in the atmosphere. Jacline helps her get dressed and inflates the air chambers. This discovery will be impressive.