Space Dolls

Update: 2022-05-21 / Space Dolls

After Johann has started the journey into the opposite sex, he continues in space as a love doll. Miss Fetilicious returns to the spaceship from an away mission and has fun with her ever-ready silicon doll.

Hair Dresser

Update: 2022-05-11 / Hair Dresser

Monica has decided on a new hairstyle today and calls a hairdresser immediately. Mary Jale arrives and immediately starts cutting her blonde long hair. After a while Monica looks in the mirror - omg! see what happened

Boundcon VIII

Update: 2022-04-30 / Boundcon VIII

The Rubbersisters visit the famous Boundcon fair in Munich and take the opportunity to publicly train their slave La Poupette. Monica & Jacline put her in chains, gag her mouth and play extensively with her defenseless victim. Then she is put in a cage for everyone to see. Photos: Fetograf

RS Recall

Update: 2022-04-20 / RS Recall

In this days and age it's cheaper to go on a brain manipulated journey. Everything is remembered like a real experience. So Johann decides to travel into space as a sex doll. Dr. Fetilicious and Jacline lead the customer into the dream world.

Gold Queen

Update: 2022-04-09 / Gold Queen

Monica is back to work in her favorite Studio Elegance in Munich. All her guests have to go through the given stations to get into the next level. Who has she captured now?

Torture Chair

Update: 2022-03-30 / Torture Chair

Jacline is locked in a dark and dusty cellar. Gwen and Monica arrive and treat her big boobs with different tools. On top these ladies control her breath and she has now no change to escape. Many thanks to our friends Rubberdynasty for the location and pictures.

Get Dressed

Update: 2022-03-19 / Get Dressed

Hannah Price helps Jacline choose rubber dresses for an outdoor walk. However, one layer of tight latex is not enough for them! Dressing each other, they see their rubberized asses, get horny and touching each other. What are they plans now? Camera: Peter. F. Kurtz


Update: 2022-03-09 / Pupation

Poupette fights tooth and nail as the Rubbersisters put her ballet boots on. The patient is put on a female mask to calm her down and then she looks a bit disheveled. The first steps as a rubber doll still look a bit handicapped, but after hours of training it works without crutches. Photographer: Matthias Wallmeier

Rubberised Feet

Update: 2022-02-26 / Rubberised Feet

4 legs covered with tight shiny latex and high heels trampled on a slave. Now he has to lie down in front of the latex girls Jacline and Fetish Dea. His eyes are covered and his mouth is filled with crumbled cake. He just heard what's going on on the sofa and doesn't know what's coming.

Black Fun

Update: 2022-02-16 / Black Fun

ImLeibziger studio black fun ist Paul zu einem Abenteuer eingeladen. Er weiß nicht was ihn erwartet. Die Krankenschwestern sind bereits für eine ultimative Verwandlung gekleidet. Ihr Ziel ist es, Ihn für den Empfang von Freiern vorzubereiten. Lady Gillette und Jacline sind jetzt bereit Ihn im Klinkraum zu behandeln.