Update: 2024-06-15 / Bathroom

Monica wants to take a relaxing bath, but is interrupted by her friend Larissa. She shows off her new gas mask and has to go to the toilet. Now her friend Hannah comes and wants to put on her make-up. A completely normal rubber girl's day!

Metal Nurses

Update: 2024-06-05 / Metal Nurses

Monica and Jacline visit the Studio Marquis again. In the sober, cool studio atmosphere, the girls need some time to get going. Jacline checks Monica's clinic outfit. The medical treatments are showing an effect. Photography: Peter W. Czernich

Pony Trouble

Update: 2024-05-25 / Pony Trouble

The human ponies Monica and Jacline have to train their gait today. Rider Gwen shows no mercy to the ponies and controls all movements very strictly. They become wild and have to be tied to the wall. They have no chance of escaping! Many thanks to Gwen at for the locations and pictures.


Update: 2024-05-15 / Olympia

One summer evening, the Rubbersisters go to the famous Cabaret Kink at the Olympia Theater in Montreal, dressed in fetish outfits. The journey to the location is already a special experience. You have to walk in public through the very busy pedestrian zone. It's like walking on an outdoor catwalk.


Update: 2024-05-04 / Wellness

At the EFM event hotel, Monica goes to the gym and then to the wellness area. She goes swimming wearing a bikini. After this relaxing day, she goes to the hotel bar to meet friends there.


Update: 2024-04-24 / Boundcon

Monica and Jacline are looking forward to an exciting day at the Munich Boundcon. Monica drives the car in her fetish outfit and wears the Petra mask. Both of them can hardly wait to meet their friend La Poupette again. They present a rubber bondage show on the trade fair stage and then walked through the trade fair. Jacline decides to slip into a latex bondage cube. Camera and editing: Eric, ed-Media.


Update: 2024-04-13 / Marionettes

Monica, Amruniel and Drag Lady Lulu are tied to ropes at their hands and feet in order to hand over control to Ropecat. She plays with the rubber dolls like marionettes. The theater begins with all three rubber puppets, which are now moved synchronously close together. Photos: Justine Simone


Update: 2024-04-03 / Gynecologist

Monica goes to the gynecologist and is very surprised at what the doctor examines! First, she should undress completely and sit on a gynecological chair. The female assistant, dressed in white rubber, fixes Monica on the chair and the examination begins. Photos and studio: Matthias Wallmeier

Fucking Machine

Update: 2024-03-23 / Fucking Machine

Jacline is tied up and gagged and get seated on a gynecological chair by Mistress Maxime. The mistress straps her down and presents her a new toy. She can't protest against it. The machine works hard and there are no stops until the mistress is satisfied with the result!

Pony Trouble

Update: 2024-03-13 / Pony Trouble

On a trip to Los Angeles, the Rubbersisters meet Gwen, the pony trainer. She wants to teach Monica and Jacline what good pony-girl pleasure looks like. With a strong hand, Gwen shows the girls how to do it right. Many thanks to Rubber Dynasty