Update: 2021-01-23 / Measurements

Monica visit her friend Manuela in Vienna to order a new dress. First the girls have a drink at the bar before they started taking measurements. It will be a very exciting afternoon in this beautiful latex store.

Fake ID

Update: 2021-01-13 / Fake ID

At the checkpoint the officers command Monica to undress. They can't believe what they see! A fake identity? The huge dildos in her suitcase makes the responsible ladies curiously. Photos: Peter Felix Kurtz, Guest Model: Hannah Price

Bimbo Girls 3

Update: 2021-01-02 / Bimbo Girls 3

Jolie and Monica want to relax a bit and decide to go to the sauna. The Bimbo girls sweat a lot in their second skin suits. The girls go to cool down in the fresh air and then they play in the whirlpool.

Maid Servant

Update: 2020-12-23 / Maid Servant

A new maid applies to the Rubbersisters. She has to work probationary for a day to demonstrate that she knows her work. First she get dressed and then she has to do normal housework and more difficult tasks.

Pink Rubber Dolls

Update: 2020-12-12 / Pink Rubber Dolls

Rubberdoll Lucy is awaiting her girlfriend Jacline for a cosy afternoon. Maid Monica helps to dress up the lovely rubberdoll. She servses champagne and is supporting the excited latex girls. All of them really enjoyed the relaxed visit. Photos by:

Bimbo Girls 2

Update: 2020-12-02 / Bimbo Girls 2

The transformed bimbo girls Jolie and Monica meet in the living room. They are only dressed in black transparent bodys. Jolie presents her extreme curves on a table and Monica watches the goings-on up very close.

Pizza Boy 2

Update: 2020-11-21 / Pizza Boy 2

After the pizza boy falls asleep, the girls begin to transform him into a female rubber doll. He get strapped into a spider web and get woken up. The poor doll is now completely helpless and for the naughty desires of La Poupette and Jacline ready! Photography: Matthias Wallmeier

Pizza Boy

Update: 2020-11-11 / Pizza Boy

La Poupette and Jacline have an appetite for a pizza and order from the delivery service. When the pizza boy delivers the pizza, the depraved girls have an idea. The dominant girls are not going to transform the poor boy now. Photography: Matthias Wallmeier

Bimbo Girls

Update: 2020-10-31 / Bimbo Girls

At the weekend, Monica meets her friend Jolie to transform herself into bimbo girls. Both are into huge breasts and big round asses. For the perfect hourglass figure, they lace up a tight corset. The girls just can't resist touching each other with her long fingernails.


Update: 2020-10-21 / Shower

Monica feels the need to take a shower and her friend Miss Fetilicious helps her. The warm water on her dark silicone skin makes her very horny. Her friend starts playing with Monica right away.