Update: 2019-05-25 / Catheterisation

After a rubberised male to female transformation the nurses Valentina and Jacline have to place a catheter on Monica to make sure everything get caught savely without her control.


Update: 2019-05-15 / Wrestling

The Rubbersisters' female wrestling competition starts with fighter Jolie Joviale and Avina Amante. After an unjustified decision, the referee Monica gets seriously in trouble. The girls ignore the rules and attack the referee.


Update: 2019-05-04 / Wrestling

The RS wrestling competition starts with star fighter Jolie Joviale and Avina Amante . Referee Monica Figures get seriously in trouble becouse of unjustified decisions.

Rubber Spa 2

Update: 2019-04-24 / Rubber Spa 2

We all get very hot completely dressed in rubber with Rubberstar under the solarium! Afterwards a cooling down in the pool was really necessary! Photographer: Fred Kyrel

Pussy Cats

Update: 2019-04-13 / Pussy Cats

Comtesse Larissa is serving her rubber cats Jacline and Mary a very special milk. In the garden the cats can play with her and drink. After all, the cats get washed under the shower.

Rubber Spa

Update: 2019-04-03 / Rubber Spa

What happend when the Rubbersisters & Rubberstar visit a luxury hotel spa, dressed completely in rubber? All parties are getting really hot... We agree, that naked is not enough in the sauna!! Photographer: Fred Kyrel

Boobs Theater

Update: 2019-03-23 / Boobs Theater

At the Rubbersisters Theater, Monica presents her bounce breasts enclosed in transparent latex. She is posing in her rubber catsuit and trying to disguise her big breasts. No chance, the shiny latex shows everything.


Update: 2019-03-13 / Temptation

Comtesse Larissa invites guests to their private villa. She loves to wear rubber and all her guests have to wear rubber too. When she gets horny, she just brings the visitors up to her bedroom and plays dirty games with them.

Doll Inspection

Update: 2019-03-02 / Doll Inspection

Medical physican Comtesse Larissa is checking all the holes from rubber doll Mary Jale and Monica at the Rubbersisters clinic. Mary has to sit on a gyno chair to get a very special treatment. Monica in here doll suit has to support Larissa to reach the right result.

Cave Nunnery 2

Update: 2019-02-20 / Cave Nunnery 2

The Rubbersisters new Novizin get strict education in rubber nuns hebits. Monica is watching her carefully, while Jacline is teaching her how to handle the special nuns equipment. La Poupette get incorporated very good after a while in the cave nunnery.