Display Dummys

Update: 2021-04-07 / Display Dummys

The Rubbersisters do a live performance to promote a mobile phone shop in the center of a big german city. The shop owner Nadja don't know the naughty ideas of the living dummys at the display window! She is very amazed as suddenly the dummys force her to dress herself completely in latex. Camera and Adding: Eric, ed-Media

Skyline Freaks

Update: 2021-03-27 / Skyline Freaks

Monica and fetish diva Alexa meet on the 29th floor in an exciting hotel room with a wonderful view of the skyline. They are inspired to play their dirty games in front of all the busy business people in the building across the street. Their exhibitionism makes the girls show their round curves in front of the window.


Update: 2021-03-17 / Pussycat

Jacline reads relaxed in a book and strokes her cat Rubberstar. The cuddly cat now wants to be fed, but has to wait until Monica comes home. Then she get fed and with her cuddled extensively. It's a wonderful evening for all three at home. Photos by Tontom

Coffee Italiano

Update: 2021-03-06 / Coffee Italiano

Monica & Jacline invite Fetish Dea and her slave for a spezial Italien coffee. After a short conversation the 3 girls decide to play. They touch each other with their rubberised fingers, licking her big boobs and wet pussies. The slave latex creature can't believe what is going on at these afternoon. The rubber girls don't stop before everyone is pleased. Camera: Luca Salvestrini

Pinky Plush

Update: 2021-02-24 / Pinky Plush

Monica & Jacline love the pinky plush room at the Marquis Studio. This nice place inspirate the rubber dolls to dress with pink latex clothing and feel like "Mannequins" playing in a doll house. Jacline get sexy from Monicas round ass and tits. Photography: Peter.W.Czernich


Update: 2021-02-13 / Cowgirl

The mission, be a cowgirl, act like a girl, be feminine and sexy. For this carnival Monica shows off her Moniquin big boobs bodysuit and Angelina mask. Is she trapped in her female body the whole night?

Dolls at home

Update: 2021-02-03 / Dolls at home

Monica does the housework at the Rubbersisters' house. Mistress Jolie Joviale needs her help to be corsetted. The ladies of the house take a coffee break. Rubber doll Jacline is strapped on the bench to bring her under control. Eventually she get re-masked in the bedroom. Guest model: Lady Vanessa


Update: 2021-01-23 / Measurements

Monica visit her friend Manuela in Vienna to order a new dress. First the girls have a drink at the bar before they started taking measurements. It will be a very exciting afternoon in this beautiful latex store.

Fake ID

Update: 2021-01-13 / Fake ID

At the checkpoint the officers command Monica to undress. They can't believe what they see! A fake identity? The huge dildos in her suitcase makes the responsible ladies curiously. Photos: Peter Felix Kurtz, Guest Model: Hannah Price

Bimbo Girls 3

Update: 2021-01-02 / Bimbo Girls 3

Jolie and Monica want to relax a bit and decide to go to the sauna. The Bimbo girls sweat a lot in their second skin suits. The girls go to cool down in the fresh air and then they play in the whirlpool.