Transformation (3601 Photos)

Give me a Minute

Update: 2024-01-10 / Give me a Minute

At the weekend Monica is invited to go out! She sleeps for a long time and had to hurry to get ready. She does her hair and applies elaborate makeup. Finally she puts on nylons and a short black dress. How does she will look like as a sexy girl?


Update: 2023-11-29 / Showtime

La Poupette shows Monica a new latex dress to wear for the next show. She helps Monica undress and examines her naked breasts and pussy. The skin-tight, transparent tube dress fits like a glove. She get polished to shine and now Monica looks stunning.

Girlfriends Visit

Update: 2023-10-18 / Girlfriends Visit

Monica gets a visit from her friends Dea and Jacline. The rubber-addicted ladies surprised their friend with new latex clothing. All three of them can't wait to see Monica's new outfit and help her put it on. The tight latex dress emphasizes her sexy figure even more.


Update: 2023-08-26 / Fembit

La Poupette invites her lover to her castle. He has no idea what to expect! In the bedroom, the lady suddenly turns into a latex vampire and bites her victim. Suddenly he also begins to transform and takes on female forms. The transformation has begun and there is no turning back.


Update: 2023-08-16 / Shorewards

Monica decides to take a trip to the beach to soak up some sun and relax. She is wearing her tight jeans, a Moniquin bodysuit and a short top over it. She is so excited that her nipples are poking through the t-shirt. She spends some time in the restaurant and then goes for a walk on the beach!

Self Transformation

Update: 2023-07-26 / Self Transformation

Monica got new breasts and tried them on right away. The amazing breasts feel absolutely soft and natural, fit here upper body perfectly and the high quality medical grade silicone looks as realistic and sexy as real breasts. Now the mask, figure pants and the new chest torso made the female transformation perfect. A dream becomes true!

Snow Time

Update: 2022-12-17 / Snow Time

Monica enjoys the first snow for this winter. She wears her Gloria mask and Moniquin suit under the normal clothes. It's really a good feeling to feel the cold snow on your hot skin and not to freeze.

Feminisation Part 2

Update: 2022-09-14 / Feminisation Part 2

Jacline and La Poupette can't wait to put the patient in his new second skin. First, the patient is given a special anesthetic. The two nurses stun him so that he can take the next steps without resisting. He gets nice breasts, a feminine face, wide hips and a narrow waist. The new doll is called Linda.

Feminisation 1/2

Update: 2022-09-03 / Feminisation 1/2

In a specialized feminization clinic, two rubber nurses prepare for their next patient. The patient is first completely shaved. Then the girls take his measurements to choose the appropriate clothes. The refined transformation into a female silicone doll begins.

Call a Doll 2

Update: 2021-11-03 / Call a Doll 2

The rubber doll "La Poupette" is completely covered from head to toe with a tight rubber skin. The female mask and a beautiful blonde wig make her even prettier. Now Monica dresses her rubber doll with white stockings, corset and high heels. Monica wears an inflatable figure suit from 2nd-skin.

Call a Doll

Update: 2021-10-23 / Call a Doll

Monica saw an inspiring picture in a magazine. She got horny and decided to call a doll to satisfy her passion. When "La Poupette" arrived, she had to put on a heavy rubber doll suit. The female mask completes the total transformation into a rubber doll perfectly!

Maid Servant

Update: 2020-12-23 / Maid Servant

A new maid applies to the Rubbersisters. She has to work probationary for a day to demonstrate that she knows her work. First she get dressed and then she has to do normal housework and more difficult tasks.

Pizza Boy 2

Update: 2020-11-21 / Pizza Boy 2

After the pizza boy falls asleep, the girls begin to transform him into a female rubber doll. He get strapped into a spider web and get woken up. The poor doll is now completely helpless and for the naughty desires of La Poupette and Jacline ready! Photography: Matthias Wallmeier

Pizza Boy

Update: 2020-11-11 / Pizza Boy

La Poupette and Jacline have an appetite for a pizza and order from the delivery service. When the pizza boy delivers the pizza, the depraved girls have an idea. The dominant girls are not going to transform the poor boy now. Photography: Matthias Wallmeier

Fetish Doll

Update: 2020-09-19 / Fetish Doll

Monica is proud to present her new inflatable dollsuit in front of the camera. The latex suit makes an incredible female figure. See, how she is posing very confidently her sexy curves and how she tries to hide her secrets with a transparent neclice!

Doll Exhibition

Update: 2020-06-06 / Doll Exhibition

La Poupette helps us at a fetish exhibition. We decide to exhibit her as a second doll and put on a Glora mask. In order to fix her, we fastened their arms and legs with special brackets. Many thanks to Rolf von rs-metalldesign and photographer: Matthias Wallmeier

Booty Buster

Update: 2020-04-04 / Booty Buster

Monica tries out the new inflatable Booty Buster. The pants have 4 chambers that she inflates. The beautiful round butt is so sexy. She continues with the new silicone pants with a high waist. Then G cup breasts and a red dress. She looks fatastic.

Total Enclosure

Update: 2020-01-11 / Total Enclosure

Jacline was completely coated with a heavy and tight pink rubber doll suit. She felt like a real rubber doll, because her movements was difficult, her arms and fingers was in a posture like a mannequin and her whole body was restricted. She tried to touch herself and loved the feeling to be total enclosed.

New Doll 2

Update: 2019-06-26 / New Doll 2

After the Rubbersisters dressed Petra with a black rubber catsuit the face has to be covered also with rubber. Jacline brought a full head female mask and the girls started to transform her client completely.

New Doll

Update: 2019-06-05 / New Doll

The Rubbersisters get a visit from Lady Petra. She likes to get transformed into a living rubber doll. Monica and Jacline are specialists in this. They undress Petra and squeeze her in a rubber suit.