• When did you start your fetish?
    We have been living out our fetish together for more than 10 years.

  • How did you get to make photos and videos?
    First we were crazy about private photos and the publication of our photos via www.maskon.com. A lot of positive feed back motivated us to take more pictures with professional photographer. We collected a lot of experience about photo-shooting and generating shots from Mistress Sandra of fetish-live.com.

  • What are your experiences in public?
    The feedback generally is very positive. All age groups find our outfits very interesting and courageous.

  • Where do you get your latex clothing?
    We mainly buy our tailored outfits at HW-Design in Vienna or fetishuniverse.de, Demask and other latex providers.

  • Where do you get the masks?
    Monica’s mask is a Paul Borret Brown mask. Unfortunately it is very difficult to get these. Jacline’s masks are from Kerry and can be ordered at www.maskon.com. We buy the blank masks and design them ourselves.

  • Where can we get the suit?
    The latex suit can not be bought. All examples shown are self developed and produced. It is quite difficult to find the right latex with the colour of the skin and optimum thickness. All suits are really unique.

  • How did you fashion the suit?
    The suit consists of 2 pieces. Trousers which are double skinned around the hips and thus are able to be inflated. Inside there are tubes connected to the visible vagina so that the wearer is able to go to the toilet. Top and bottom overlap around the waist. A corset gives the suit the right shape. The gloves are decorated with plastic nails.

  • What are you planning for the future?
    We are always very interested in professional photo-shoots and photographs. Joint performances at fetish events and parties are of great interest. We continually improve our outfits, especially the transformation. More projects are planned.

    Watch this space ………