• Voyeur


    Update 2021-10-13
    Category Videoclip

    The italian fetish lady Violet is dressing herself with transparent and black latex. Her maid Jacline help her to get ready for the day. She didn't noticed that a voyeur is watching her through the window. Finally she discovers him and find a way to stop his voyeurism.

  • Golden Shower

    Golden Shower

    Update 2021-10-02
    Category Lifestyle

    The two heavy rubber addicted girls Jacline and Valentina spent as usual the whole day in latex. Finally they decided to take a very special shower. These pervy girls really get it all, while they was prepared with gasmask, googles, pissback and lot of rubber around them.

  • Piano Bar

    Piano Bar

    Update 2021-09-22
    Category Lifestyle

    Autumn is coming and Monica is going to a piano bar today. She plays and listens to wonderful music. She is already very excited to see what new things autumn will bring her! Here wish list contains some exciting new ideas. More information soon at www.2nd-skin.com

  • Rectal Tube

    Rectal Tube

    Update 2021-09-11
    Category Videoclip

    Doctor Comtesse Larissa continues the treatment of patient Monica and Mary. The rubber dolls get filled with a special liquid. Larissa is checking out the locked up areas of Monica and finds something that needs to be t rubberised urgently. Mary has to support the doctor to arrange the perfect fit.

  • House Party

    House Party

    Update 2021-09-01
    Category Lifestyle

    Fetishdea and her friends, the Rubbersisters organised a kinky fetish party together at home. They invited two slaves to serve the ladies perfectly! They used them as an human ashtray and treated them with her high heels while they enjoyed playing together. Photography: Luca Salvestrini

  • Trailer


    Update 2021-10-21
    Category Trailer

    Come into our Member Area and you will have access to the most exciting and exclusive member only contents! You always have 20 current videos to stream in “HD” high defination plus 3 new updates every month! Pictures are available in high resolution 1200 x 800 pixel! See the Rubbersisters livestyle and get close to the action!

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