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Hot Coffee Girls

Update: 2022-01-05 / Hot Coffee Girls

Three rubber girls, Monica, Jacline and Dea meet at home to have a good Italian coffee. It doesn't take long before they come up with a strange idea. The slave, completely clad in rubber, has to watch the girls as they trun each other hot. Photographer: Luca Salvestrini

Army Pack

Update: 2021-12-25 / Army Pack

The long-awaited Army package has arrived and Officer Jacline can't wait to open it. She carefully checks the wrapped rubber doll and begins to bring the doll to life. She fixed on doll La Poupette and immediately controlled her breathing and movements.

Monica's Kitchen

Update: 2021-11-23 / Monica's Kitchen

Monica is fully dressed and ready to receive her guests. Monica wears Moniquin figure pants and a Moniquin cleavage under normal clothing. She already fills the glasses with champagne for her guests. Who is going to visit her and get this very personal drink from Monica?

Golden Shower

Update: 2021-10-02 / Golden Shower

The two heavy rubber addicted girls Jacline and Valentina spent as usual the whole day in latex. Finally they decided to take a very special shower. These pervy girls really get it all, while they was prepared with gasmask, googles, pissback and lot of rubber around them.

Piano Bar

Update: 2021-09-22 / Piano Bar

Autumn is coming and Monica is going to a piano bar today. She plays and listens to wonderful music. She is already very excited to see what new things autumn will bring her! Here wish list contains some exciting new ideas. More information soon at

House Party

Update: 2021-09-01 / House Party

Fetishdea and her friends, the Rubbersisters organised a kinky fetish party together at home. They invited two slaves to serve the ladies perfectly! They used them as an human ashtray and treated them with her high heels while they enjoyed playing together. Photography: Luca Salvestrini


Update: 2021-08-21 / Prisoner

The prisoner Monica got badly treated from two female attendent. They forced her to be quiet. No chance to escape. The girls touched her all over and got horny with her victim. Finally they left her bonded and helpless alone. Many thanks to Gwen from RubberDynasty for the pictures.


Update: 2021-07-21 / Boudoir

Today Monica is dressed in very sexy white underwear by her friend Mary Jale. She also has to wear extreme high heels. Mary helps her tie the corset. Monica is very curious to see how she looks now and looks in the mirror.


Update: 2021-06-30 / Lifeguard

In the morning Monica is going to do a lifeguard job on a spanish beach. First she undress her street wear and take position on the view point. Then she is checking the water temperature. Her bikini was getting wet and she is undressing herself . She has to be careful that nobody saw her complete naked on the beach.

Fruit Gum

Update: 2021-06-19 / Fruit Gum

While on vacation in Tenerife, Jacline, completely transformed into a rubber doll, go out into nature. She has to be careful that she doesn't bother the gardener in her hot latex outfit. She loves to play with her charms.


Update: 2021-05-29 / Swimsuit

Monica is getting ready to go outside. She wears her moniquin suit, the Petra female mask with open eyes and a black swimsuit. She's really excited to go swimming as a girl in a vacation resort without attracting much attention.

Dolls Bedroom

Update: 2021-05-19 / Dolls Bedroom

Rubber doll Valentina is awaiting Monica in her rubber coated bedroom for some lesbian games. The girls start to play with a strapon. Finaly Monica ended up with two rubber plugs inserted. Now her body was totaly encased with latex inside and outside.

Purple Smoke

Update: 2021-04-28 / Purple Smoke

La Poupette and Monica are dressed in tight latex catsuits. Her big breasts almost burst the rubber. The tight corsets make her figure even more curvy. They almost look like twins. Both enjoy the afternoon extensively in their purple rubber skin.


Update: 2021-04-17 / Trampling

Monica and Jacline visit her friend Fetishdea in Italy. The rubber girls have a very kinky idea with their boys in the holiday flat. The slave have to lay down on the floor and is getting treaded with the high heels. In the mean time the girls get served champagne from their sissidoll. Photography: Luca Salvestrini

Skyline Freaks

Update: 2021-03-27 / Skyline Freaks

Monica and fetish diva Alexa meet on the 29th floor in an exciting hotel room with a wonderful view of the skyline. They are inspired to play their dirty games in front of all the busy business people in the building across the street. Their exhibitionism makes the girls show their round curves in front of the window.


Update: 2021-03-17 / Pussycat

Jacline reads relaxed in a book and strokes her cat Rubberstar. The cuddly cat now wants to be fed, but has to wait until Monica comes home. Then she get fed and with her cuddled extensively. It's a wonderful evening for all three at home. Photos by Tontom

Pinky Plush

Update: 2021-02-24 / Pinky Plush

Monica & Jacline love the pinky plush room at the Marquis Studio. This nice place inspirate the rubber dolls to dress with pink latex clothing and feel like "Mannequins" playing in a doll house. Jacline get sexy from Monicas round ass and tits. Photography: Peter.W.Czernich


Update: 2021-02-13 / Cowgirl

The mission, be a cowgirl, act like a girl, be feminine and sexy. For this carnival Monica shows off her Moniquin big boobs bodysuit and Angelina mask. Is she trapped in her female body the whole night?


Update: 2021-01-23 / Measurements

Monica visit her friend Manuela in Vienna to order a new dress. First the girls have a drink at the bar before they started taking measurements. It will be a very exciting afternoon in this beautiful latex store.

Fake ID

Update: 2021-01-13 / Fake ID

At the checkpoint the officers command Monica to undress. They can't believe what they see! A fake identity? The huge dildos in her suitcase makes the responsible ladies curiously. Photos: Peter Felix Kurtz, Guest Model: Hannah Price