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Sisters Office

Update: 2023-11-18 / Sisters Office

Only girls in latex outfits are allowed to work in the Rubbersisters office. New masks and breasts arrived today. Larissa and Jacline check the quality and test the appearance on their secretary Mary Jale. Finally she gets a new Gloria mask on.


Update: 2023-10-28 / Waitress

For Halloween, Monica and Miss Ropecat have to bring their invited guests to life in the Bedo studio with a special injection. After a glass of champagne, Amruniel, Lulu and Jacline wake up and start dancing with Monica. Photography: Justine Davinia Simon

Bridal Night

Update: 2023-09-16 / Bridal Night

Monica marries her friend Jill Diamond in Heidelberg. She doesn't know what her wife plans to do with her on her wedding night. The poor bride Monica now has to endure all sorts of sexual practices on her wedding night!


Update: 2023-07-15 / Skipper

This summer Monica is a skipper on a boat in Croatia. She enjoys the warm days at sea and wears her waterproof latex clothing. In the harbor she has to get a few things for the evening.

Pony Ride

Update: 2023-06-24 / Pony Ride

Before the German fetish ball begins, the Rubbersisters decide to take their latex pony Gaelle for a ride in the nearby park area. As the sun sets, the pony gets more and more excited and Monica has to tighten the reins. Jacline whips the pony to make it docile.

Kinky Pink

Update: 2023-06-14 / Kinky Pink

The Rubbersisters Monica and Jacline visited the fetish convention Boundcon. They present their latest silicone female masks, boobs, full body suits and latex clothing. They answered questions from customers and interested parties and passed on their knowledge. Photographer: Eric


Update: 2023-05-24 / Slappers

Jacline shows her friends Larissa and Mary the bedroom. Under the latex blanket lies a man who is helplessly locked in a vacuum bed. This is a welcome invitation for the girls to play the famous game, all holes must be filled up. Thanks to photographer M

Wet Games

Update: 2023-05-13 / Wet Games

Three fully rubberized girls take a cooling down shower at the bathroom. Drea get good soaped by Monica and Jacline. Everything has to be clean and shiny for the evening. Jacline is wearing her new female mask "Dita" Pictures: Fotowunderland

Rubber Passion

Update: 2023-04-22 / Rubber Passion

The rubber addicted girls Comtesse-Larissa and Jacline love to completely cover their bodies in tight and shiny black latex. To top this feeling, Larissa closes the last open area with a gas mask. Now they are fully covered from head to toe and ready to play.


Update: 2023-04-12 / GFB-Party

Lady-Alexa und Jacline möchten zur GFB-Party und treffen sich vorher im Hotelzimmer zum Aufwärmen. Sie hören Musik und erkunden bereits in Latex gekleidet die Umgebung. Die Mädchen treffen ihre Freundin Mary Jale in der Lobby und sind jetzt bereit für die Party. Fotograf: Fetograf

Flattering Table

Update: 2023-03-22 / Flattering Table

Three horny girls, Monica, Jacline and Fetish Dea meet in Italy to have fun. It doesn't take long and the rubberised girls get in action together. Their slaves, totally enclosed in rubber, has to watch the girls playing. Happy eastern! Photogapher: Luca Salvestrini

Play with me

Update: 2023-03-11 / Play with me

Mistress Maxime loves to play with rubber doll Jacline. This time she fetters her arms tightly back, bend her forward to see the bulging rubberized ass. Finally the doll has to kneel down and was used by a strap on.


Update: 2023-02-18 / Inquisition

A spy get captivated and locked in Novem-Vigint. The wardress Alexa tries to get infos form him! She get support from her coleges Jill and Jacline to get him speak. They intensifie the inquisition and forced him to give up his manliness. Photos: Alex Fetograf

It Girls 3

Update: 2023-02-08 / It Girls 3

All the exciting new items which Monica and Comtesse-Larissa bought, has to be discoverd right now at home. Jacline is already waiting with slave girl Betty and they are curious whats the girls will bring. It will be a very exiting kinky afternoon!

It Girls 2

Update: 2023-01-18 / It Girls 2

After the beautiful styling, Monica & Comtesse-Larissa decide to go shopping in the famous Maximilianstrasse in Munich. They are already very excited about buying new clothes. The bodyguard is busy keeping away the curious crowd and carrying all the purchased goods.

It Girls

Update: 2023-01-07 / It Girls

The new lifestyle series shows you the next level of Monica's ultimate female transformation in 3 parts. Monica goes to Mr. Sedat, a famous hair and make-up specialist in Munich. She meets her friend Comtesse Larissa in the salon. Both get styled for an exciting day of shopping. Bodyguard Martin takes care of the girls, helps and protects them all day long. Photographers: Eric and Rainer

Blue Dungeon

Update: 2022-11-05 / Blue Dungeon

Monica is invited to an exclusive dominatrix studio in Munich. There she has the opportunity to test all the devices herself. Dressed in her Busty Moniquin suit, Gloria mask and high lace-up boots, she enjoys the tingling atmosphere that puts Monica in an erotic mood.

Living Statue

Update: 2022-10-15 / Living Statue

Halloween is coming and maid La Poupette has to clean the living room before the party. As she dusts the figurines, a statue comes to life and punishes the maid for her poor work.

Trash Dolls

Update: 2022-10-05 / Trash Dolls

Before the party starts, Monica and Jacline meet up with their Italian friend Rubberstar to warm up at the club location. The 3 latex girls are not only turned on by the music sound, but also by their looks. They have a very exciting night together with all the discoveries they make.

Mega Boobs

Update: 2022-08-13 / Mega Boobs

Monica is slowly getting used to her new Moniquin megaboobs. Now she has to buy new, bigger clothes. She examines herself very carefully. She loves her new outfit, a white latex skirt, transparent latex stockings and a colored rose top. What she sees in the mirror makes her feel very erotic and feminine.