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It Girls 2

Update: 2023-01-18 / It Girls 2

After the beautiful styling, Monica & Comtesse-Larissa decide to go shopping in the famous Maximilianstrasse in Munich. They are already very excited about buying new clothes. The bodyguard is busy keeping away the curious crowd and carrying all the purchased goods.

It Girls

Update: 2023-01-07 / It Girls

The new lifestyle series shows you the next level of Monica's ultimate female transformation in 3 parts. Monica goes to Mr. Sedat, a famous hair and make-up specialist in Munich. She meets her friend Comtesse Larissa in the salon. Both get styled for an exciting day of shopping. Bodyguard Martin takes care of the girls, helps and protects them all day long. Photographers: Eric and Rainer

Blue Dungeon

Update: 2022-11-05 / Blue Dungeon

Monica is invited to an exclusive dominatrix studio in Munich. There she has the opportunity to test all the devices herself. Dressed in her Busty Moniquin suit, Gloria mask and high lace-up boots, she enjoys the tingling atmosphere that puts Monica in an erotic mood.

Living Statue

Update: 2022-10-15 / Living Statue

Halloween is coming and maid La Poupette has to clean the living room before the party. As she dusts the figurines, a statue comes to life and punishes the maid for her poor work.

Trash Dolls

Update: 2022-10-05 / Trash Dolls

Before the party starts, Monica and Jacline meet up with their Italian friend Rubberstar to warm up at the club location. The 3 latex girls are not only turned on by the music sound, but also by their looks. They have a very exciting night together with all the discoveries they make.

Mega Boobs

Update: 2022-08-13 / Mega Boobs

Monica is slowly getting used to her new Moniquin megaboobs. Now she has to buy new, bigger clothes. She examines herself very carefully. She loves her new outfit, a white latex skirt, transparent latex stockings and a colored rose top. What she sees in the mirror makes her feel very erotic and feminine.


Update: 2022-08-03 / Secretaries

In the 2nd-skin office, the secretaries are busy preparing a new female mask for sale. Avina and Jolie examine the new prospectus and want to see the mask for real. Jacline brings the Angelina mask and Avante is so excited that she wants to try it out right away.


Update: 2022-07-13 / Ropemarks

At the Boundcon in Munich, the Rubbersisters met the bondage artist Robemarks and let him tie them up with Dutch Dame at the booth. They were tied up in front of the visitors. The girls had no chance to escape the hungry stares of the crowd.


Update: 2022-07-02 / Rubberised

Monica is preparing herself in the dressing room to get ready for her next customer. She decid to cover her curvy body in transparent latex. The extremely tied corset shapes her sexy figure perfectly. This is the way, how Monica is confidently to receive her clients.

Folien Bondage

Update: 2022-06-11 / Folien Bondage

Two horny girls are dressed all in black rubber and play with each other. Jacline is completely wrapped in plastic wrap by Petra and is then at her mercy. She loves to tease her helpless friend with dildos.


Update: 2022-06-01 / Montreal

The Rubbersisters have been invited to the world famous Fetish Weekend in Montreal. Hundreds of fetishists come in their favorite clothes and Monica and Jacline also show their best outfits this weekend. Also see the Rubbersisters backstage.

Hair Dresser

Update: 2022-05-11 / Hair Dresser

Monica has decided on a new hairstyle today and calls a hairdresser immediately. Mary Jale arrives and immediately starts cutting her blonde long hair. After a while Monica looks in the mirror - omg! see what happened

Boundcon VIII

Update: 2022-04-30 / Boundcon VIII

The Rubbersisters visit the famous Boundcon fair in Munich and take the opportunity to publicly train their slave La Poupette. Monica & Jacline put her in chains, gag her mouth and play extensively with her defenseless victim. Then she is put in a cage for everyone to see. Photos: Fetograf

Gold Queen

Update: 2022-04-09 / Gold Queen

Monica is back to work in her favorite Studio Elegance in Munich. All her guests have to go through the given stations to get into the next level. Who has she captured now?

Torture Chair

Update: 2022-03-30 / Torture Chair

Jacline is locked in a dark and dusty cellar. Gwen and Monica arrive and treat her big boobs with different tools. On top these ladies control her breath and she has now no change to escape. Many thanks to our friends Rubberdynasty for the location and pictures.

Rubberised Feet

Update: 2022-02-26 / Rubberised Feet

4 legs covered with tight shiny latex and high heels trampled on a slave. Now he has to lie down in front of the latex girls Jacline and Fetish Dea. His eyes are covered and his mouth is filled with crumbled cake. He just heard what's going on on the sofa and doesn't know what's coming.

Dolls Lifestyle

Update: 2022-02-05 / Dolls Lifestyle

The Rubber Sisters visit Peter Czernich's Marquis studio. Monica & Jacline spend a totally rubbery day in the studio living out their transformation fantasies. They will surely get very hot with so much rubber!


Update: 2022-01-26 / Poison

Unobserved, Jacline stirred a kind of poison into the glass of her visitor to make her compliant for her games! She discovers that the perverted La Poupette is wearing latex under her normal clothes. That makes Jacline horny. She forces La Poupette into a straitjacket. She holds her still with a gag while she shoves a vibrator between her legs.

Hot Coffee Girls

Update: 2022-01-05 / Hot Coffee Girls

Three rubber girls, Monica, Jacline and Dea meet at home to have a good Italian coffee. It doesn't take long before they come up with a strange idea. The slave, completely clad in rubber, has to watch the girls as they trun each other hot. Photographer: Luca Salvestrini

Army Pack

Update: 2021-12-25 / Army Pack

The long-awaited Army package has arrived and Officer Jacline can't wait to open it. She carefully checks the wrapped rubber doll and begins to bring the doll to life. She fixed on doll La Poupette and immediately controlled her breathing and movements.