How does a man transform into a sexy girl or even a living rubber doll? The Rubber Sisters Monica and Jacline make it possible! About ten years ago, they developed a special, ingenious way to transform a man very believe worthy into a woman. After many requests from fans and interested people, they decided to offer their self-developed products. Since February 2009 the online shop, with special transformation products made from latex and silicone exists. The extremely realistic skin tone of the silicone enables a very authentic transformation, whereby latex also satisfies the material-fetish. A complete transformation-set consists of mask, suit, hip padding, corset and breasts. With that, almost everybody can be turned into a sexy female. The very realistic female face-mask “Gloria” is made to measure, and has a subtle, base make-up, which can be enhanced and changed by the customer with regular make-up. The whole-bodysuits are shaped through silicone paddings or the inflatable latex-figure pants. The perfect female waist comes from a specially developed, very flat ‘underneath-corset’ (with or without laces). The pre-formed breasts in the suit will be optionally filled with a breast prosthetics bra or breasts glued onto the human skin. That way, everyone can put together a combination according to their own personal desires. With this realistic and authentic female transformation, you can move around naturally looking in everyday life as a woman. Their own passion motivates the Rubber Sisters to constantly develop new products that will make this transformation even more perfect. In their “Rubber Sisters College”, they pass on their knowledge, offer help and the possibility to live out phantasies, as well as they show their own photos and video stories. You can meet the Rubber Sisters personally at their one stand on international events and fetish-expositions. Get actual infos through theirs newsletters.

Fetisch Film Festival Kiel

Germany 2011 – Award for best pay site


Die Puppensammlerin DVD

In Contessa Antonella's life everything revolves around luxury and rubber. Naturally, the dolls she collects are in rubber as well. however, this collection of dolls is unique because they consist of dolls zhat are alive – living toys for everyday life. She owns prostitute-dolls to finance her luxury, servant-dolls to serve her around the glock and of course the most important for the Contessa, love-dolls to fulfill her insatiable sexual appetite. Starring: Mistress Sandra, Mona, the Rubbersisters Jacline and Monica

Fetish Academy 4 DVD

Marquis Media, A huge cast of sexy fetish girls: Katsumi, Queeny Love, Rubber Eve, the bizarre Rubbersisters, Zlata and many more. Fantastic costumes, elaborate sets, the latest toys and gadgets. Harder and more explicit than ever. Over 90 minutes of fascinating fetish action!

Stefanie 2 DVD

The education is getting harder. Stefanie has been in Mistress Sandra's institute now for more then one year. But, to become a perfect rubber slave girl is still a long way to go. She spends her nights and attends her daily training lessons, severly packed in latex, often consisting of a blow up strait jacket with dildos and a leg binder. Additionally she is in agony from all the dirty tricks of her classmates. Starring: Mistress Sandra, Jean Bardot, Mistress Elle, Claudia, Luzi Lee, Rubbersisters Jacline and Monica

Rubbersisters DVD

The ultimate female transformation, rubber clinic, rubber play and transformation –Volume 1 Rubbersisters, Monica und Jacline showing here ultimate female transformation combined with skin tight latex, completely enclosed with female masks, heavy rubber, girls-girls play, outdoor in rubber und clinic rubber nurses. Starring: Monica, Jacline, Maxime, Valentina und Shinyaline.

Fetish Worlds 04
Rubbersisters “clinic” DVD

The Rubber Sisters must be among the most bizarre to be found on the worldwide fetish scene. With incredible (German) perfection, innovtion and consequence, this power couple has driven the idea of the male-to-female transformation to the maximum. Starring: Monica, Jacline, Lady G, Valentina und Shinyaline.

Fetish Worlds 09
Rubbersisters “lifestyle” DVD

FETISH WORLDS is a new series of DVD edited by Marquis, containing selected clips from the beste fetish studios worldwide. Each DVD opens up a whole new fetish world. With incredible (“German”) perfection, innovation and consequence, the Rubbersisters has driven the idea of the male-to-female transformation to the maximum. In part 2, “lifestyle” they are topping themselves once more!


Secret Magazin

issue No. 27, 2005 – Photos and story with friends

Hustler magazine

International edition, issue may 2005

Bizarre magazine

October 2004 – mask fetish

Hustler magazine

issue No. 27, 2005 – Photos and story with friends

Tabu magazine No. 2 / 2006

Rubbersisters / Photos – Jan Lindgren

Skin Two magazine, No. 50

Rubberball best outfit winners

Marquis magazine, No. 34

Parties & Action

Heavy Rubber magazine, No. 17

the blow-up club

Heavy Rubber magazine, No. 18

web review fetish-live

Heavy Rubber magazine, No. 19

Perfekte Transformation / Interview

Haevy Rubber magazine, No. 23

Rubber Extras

Heavy Rubber magazine, No. 28

Cover Picture, the new Doll Suits, Heavy Rubber Experience

Heavy Rubber magazine, No. 29

Rubbersisters Cats, a coproduction with Freaks Inside

GQ Style magazine, No. 16 / Winter 2009

No. 16 / Winter 2009 – Der Gentleman to ask for a dance

Pige Spezial magazine No. 3

De Burger Gummi

Heavy Rubber magazine No. 31

Rubbersisters Relaunch, the new overworked website

Venus Magazin October 2017

Exposition Rubbersisters

Cosmopolitan April 2018

Interview Rubbersisters – Puppenspiele

myKiNK 2022

Transformation zur Rubber Doll

Schlagzeilen 201

Photo Story

Live Performances

  • Rubbercult, London 2014
  • Karneval Venedig, 2012
  • Montreal Fetish Weekend, 2011
  • Subrosadictum, München 2011
  • Latexpo Hamburg Rubberdoll-Contest 2010
  • Club Subversion, London 2009
  • Clinic Weekend, Amsterdam Dez. 2006
  • German Fetish Ball , Berlin 2006
  • Eccentric-Fashion, Okt. 2005
  • io-credo’s St.Valentine’s Ball, Neapel, Italy 2005
  • Kitty Cat Club, Munich 2005

Occasional attendant events

  • Rubbercult, London
  • Subrosadictum, Munich
  • Bredo Studio, Dortmund
  • Montreal Fetish Weekend
  • Skin Two Rubberball, London
  • Boundcon, Munich
  • San Francisco Fetish Ball
  • Fetish Evolution, Essen
  • Bal des Supplices, Lyon
  • German Fetish Ball , Berlin
  • Nacht der Leidenschaft, Germany
  • Nuit Demonia, Paris
  • Europerve Amsterdam


  • Ralph Mecke, Berlin (Yilmaz Aktepe Production)
  • Christine Kessler, Los Angeles 2008
  • Fred Kyrel, Metz, France 2008
  • Fetischfototeam, Munich 2006, 2007
  • Peter W.Czernich, Marquis 2006
  • Paige, Madame S, San Francisco 2006
  • Mark Burnley, San Francisco 2006
  • Mark Benett, London 2006
  • SPO, Munich 2006
  • Jan Lindgren, Schweden 2005
  • and many more anonymous artists