Videoclip (20 h 37 m)


Update: 2021-10-13 / Voyeur

The italian fetish lady Violet is dressing herself with transparent and black latex. Her maid Jacline help her to get ready for the day. She didn't noticed that a voyeur is watching her through the window. Finally she discovers him and find a way to stop his voyeurism.

Rectal Tube

Update: 2021-09-11 / Rectal Tube

Doctor Comtesse Larissa continues the treatment of patient Monica and Mary. The rubber dolls get filled with a special liquid. Larissa is checking out the locked up areas of Monica and finds something that needs to be t rubberised urgently. Mary has to support the doctor to arrange the perfect fit.

Bavaian Girl

Update: 2021-08-11 / Bavaian Girl

Bavarian boy Paul would like to visit his girlfriend at the immediate vicinity farm. But this extraordinary farm is a women only place! So first he has to transform himself into a girl before he get access. Monica arrives by bicycle and find an original bavarian welcome gift. 

It Girls 3

Update: 2021-07-10 / It Girls 3

All newly purchased toys and latex items that Monica and Larissa bought in Munich must now be tried out immediately. They drive quickly home with her Porsche. The housemaid Jacline and her slave Betty are already awaiting there and they are excited to see what the ladys are up to.

It Girls 2

Update: 2021-06-09 / It Girls 2

the it girl shopping tour with Larissa & Monica at the famous Maximilian street in Munich is very exciting. So many nice shops and exciting thinks to buy. The girls fully dressed in latex keeps they bodyguard Martin very busy to hold the crowd away. They enjoy the attention they get at the public! Video: Eric

Munich It Girls

Update: 2021-05-08 / Munich It Girls

It girl Monica dress herself with a new latex costume and meet her girlfriend Larissa at the hairdresser. The girls want to have a new hairstyle and a beautiful make-up for this special day. They decide to go shopping wearing their hot latex outfits and get some new accessories and toys for the evening. Bodyguard: Martin. Stylist: Seat, Camera: Eric

Display Dummys

Update: 2021-04-07 / Display Dummys

The Rubbersisters do a live performance to promote a mobile phone shop in the center of a big german city. The shop owner Nadja don't know the naughty ideas of the living dummys at the display window! She is very amazed as suddenly the dummys force her to dress herself completely in latex. Camera and Adding: Eric, ed-Media

Coffee Italiano

Update: 2021-03-06 / Coffee Italiano

Monica & Jacline invite Fetish Dea and her slave for a spezial Italien coffee. After a short conversation the 3 girls decide to play. They touch each other with their rubberised fingers, licking her big boobs and wet pussies. The slave latex creature can't believe what is going on at these afternoon. The rubber girls don't stop before everyone is pleased. Camera: Luca Salvestrini

Dolls at home

Update: 2021-02-03 / Dolls at home

Monica does the housework at the Rubbersisters' house. Mistress Jolie Joviale needs her help to be corsetted. The ladies of the house take a coffee break. Rubber doll Jacline is strapped on the bench to bring her under control. Eventually she get re-masked in the bedroom. Guest model: Lady Vanessa

Bimbo Girls 3

Update: 2021-01-02 / Bimbo Girls 3

Jolie and Monica want to relax a bit and decide to go to the sauna. The Bimbo girls sweat a lot in their second skin suits. The girls go to cool down in the fresh air and then they play in the whirlpool.

Bimbo Girls 2

Update: 2020-12-02 / Bimbo Girls 2

The transformed bimbo girls Jolie and Monica meet in the living room. They are only dressed in black transparent bodys. Jolie presents her extreme curves on a table and Monica watches the goings-on up very close.

Bimbo Girls

Update: 2020-10-31 / Bimbo Girls

At the weekend, Monica meets her friend Jolie to transform herself into bimbo girls. Both are into huge breasts and big round asses. For the perfect hourglass figure, they lace up a tight corset. The girls just can't resist touching each other with her long fingernails.

Casting 2

Update: 2020-09-30 / Casting 2

Paul goes to the casting as a transformed woman. In the studio he enter as Monica. Two completely rubberized girls receive her and give her the film costume. This has to attract her immediately and with it Monica have to pass all kinds of tasks.


Update: 2020-08-29 / Transformation

The Rubbersisters starts their first exciting day at the fetish academy. The first task is to build a real living rubberdoll. She needs a pair of big silicone boobs, rubberpants to blow up, a female mask, a transparent catsuit, a strong latex corsett, a lovely wig and high heels. Video: Peter W. Czernich

Bridal Night

Update: 2020-07-29 / Bridal Night

Monica was getting married in Heidelberg her girlfriend Jill Diamond. She did not know what her wife had in mind at the bridal night. Poor Monica really had to pass all kinds of sexual practices this night! Video by Fetograf

Transparent Love Dolls

Update: 2020-06-27 / Transparent Love Dolls

three transparent rubber coated dolls enjoy the latex around them. They get into their rubber passion and take the chance playing together a kinky game, with only one goal, that everyone of them gets satisfied. Models: Monica, Jacline and Shinyaline


Update: 2020-05-27 / Sybian

Miss Fetilicious is presenting the Rubbersisters a new amusement machine. She personally demonstrates the various essays by this Sybian and let Jacline and Monica do their own experiments with it. Is this sales pitch gonna be successful?


Update: 2020-04-25 / Examination

Monica and Bijou continue the treatment on her patient. While the rubber sisters remove the plug out of her pussy, Jacline started to pee again. The rubber nurses decide to dress her Rubberdoll with a latex piss pants to made her ready for the next day.

Magic Winter

Update: 2020-03-25 / Magic Winter

On this beautiful winter day Monica takes a long walk in the snow-covered Bavarian Forest. The warm spring sun causes here to take off the coat. While only wearing a red mini dress and high patent leather boots she enjoy the cool crystals on here 2nd-skin.


Update: 2020-02-22 / Bunnies

Gloria Gray invited us to their legendary puff party in the Bavarian Forest. An exciting and exuberant event of a special kind with many artists and guests. The Rubbersisters in their Playboy Bunny outfit dance and party all night.