Videoclip (23 h 2 m)

Bubble Girls

Update: 2023-03-01 / Bubble Girls

To discover new sex toys is always a very exciting thing for Mary Jale! Jacline demonstrate the right usage of the toys on herself and helps Mary to get the best satisfaction. The girls love to be totally inclosed in rubber and enjoy the shiny surrounding while playing together

Experience 2

Update: 2023-01-28 / Experience 2

After being fully transformed into a Bimbo Doll, Monica now has to go through additional steps at the Studio Elegance to experience what is expected of a live sex doll. Rubber girls Jolie and Jacline treat her tightly and don't give her a chance to escape.


Update: 2022-12-28 / Motorworld

After the girls have dressed very sexy, they drive to the Munich Motorworld. They stroll through the aisles in public and inspect the hot curves of the cars. Jolie and Monica have enormous curves of their own that won't go unnoticed.

Get Masked

Update: 2022-11-26 / Get Masked

This morning Monica gets a visit from her friend Jolie. The girls want to try the new masks today. They wear makeup and long-haired wigs. Then they put on sexy clothes that show off their shapely hourglass figures and go for a walk.


Update: 2022-10-26 / Exhibition

At the Fetish Expo Boundcon, Munich, Monica presents the new generation of female silicone masks. Everyone can have their own female masks made to measure. At the booth of Dutch Dame and Mark Rope, the Rubbersisters get tied up together. Video, music and editing by Eric.

Shopping Vienna

Update: 2022-09-24 / Shopping Vienna

It's a cold and rainy day, anyway Manuela and Monica decide to go shopping in Vienna. They will dress in appropriate waterproof latex clothing. Monica wears a new female mask with her eyes open so she can see better in traffic. The latex girls take the tram downtown.


Update: 2022-08-24 / Astronauts

two rubberdolls are in the spaceship on a space mission. Austronaut Fetilicious has to put on a latex spacesuit today to do experiments in the atmosphere. Jacline helps her get dressed and inflates the air chambers. This discovery will be impressive.

Clinic Girls

Update: 2022-07-23 / Clinic Girls

There is a strong smell of rubber in the clinic room. Nurses Monica, Jacline and Hannah are about to play their kinky clinic games. They pleasured each other with a medical massager. Next patient please. Video recordings by: Peter Felix Kurtz

Nurse Apprentice

Update: 2022-06-22 / Nurse Apprentice

A new trainee is presented in the Rubbersisters Clinic. Nurses Fetilicious, Jacline and Monica will scrutinize her very closely. Christel has to put up with a lot of tease to be accepted by her college sisters.

Space Dolls

Update: 2022-05-21 / Space Dolls

After Johann has started the journey into the opposite sex, he continues in space as a love doll. Miss Fetilicious returns to the spaceship from an away mission and has fun with her ever-ready silicon doll.

RS Recall

Update: 2022-04-20 / RS Recall

In this days and age it's cheaper to go on a brain manipulated journey. Everything is remembered like a real experience. So Johann decides to travel into space as a sex doll. Dr. Fetilicious and Jacline lead the customer into the dream world.

Get Dressed

Update: 2022-03-19 / Get Dressed

Hannah Price helps Jacline choose rubber dresses for an outdoor walk. However, one layer of tight latex is not enough for them! Dressing each other, they see their rubberized asses, get horny and touching each other. What are they plans now? Camera: Peter. F. Kurtz

Black Fun

Update: 2022-02-16 / Black Fun

ImLeibziger studio black fun ist Paul zu einem Abenteuer eingeladen. Er weiß nicht was ihn erwartet. Die Krankenschwestern sind bereits für eine ultimative Verwandlung gekleidet. Ihr Ziel ist es, Ihn für den Empfang von Freiern vorzubereiten. Lady Gillette und Jacline sind jetzt bereit Ihn im Klinkraum zu behandeln.

Customs 2

Update: 2022-01-15 / Customs 2

The control continues with a demonstration of these strange items in Monica's suitcase. Now the officers are getting really curious and want to find out more. This is Monica's chance to get out of this precarious situation. Models: Hannah, Jacline and Monica, camera: Peter Felix Kurtz


Update: 2021-12-15 / Customs

Monica travels to London to visit her friends. She decides to disguise herself as a man in order to be able to pass customs more easily with her extraordinary luggage. Unfortunately the officers are checking you because your identity is incorrect and the trouble begins! The story goes on. Camera: Peter Felix Kurtz, guest model: Hannah Price

Voyeur 2

Update: 2021-11-13 / Voyeur 2

Bizarr Lady Violet is using an electrochock to stop the voyeur watching her. She decides to transform him into a female love doll for her own pleasure. With a victum to play, really turns her on. The rubber maid Jacline is assisting Violet to get her toy in the right position.


Update: 2021-10-13 / Voyeur

The italian fetish lady Violet is dressing herself with transparent and black latex. Her maid Jacline help her to get ready for the day. She didn't noticed that a voyeur is watching her through the window. Finally she discovers him and find a way to stop his voyeurism.

Rectal Tube

Update: 2021-09-11 / Rectal Tube

Doctor Comtesse Larissa continues the treatment of patient Monica and Mary. The rubber dolls get filled with a special liquid. Larissa is checking out the locked up areas of Monica and finds something that needs to be t rubberised urgently. Mary has to support the doctor to arrange the perfect fit.

Bavaian Girl

Update: 2021-08-11 / Bavaian Girl

Bavarian boy Paul would like to visit his girlfriend at the immediate vicinity farm. But this extraordinary farm is a women only place! So first he has to transform himself into a girl before he get access. Monica arrives by bicycle and find an original bavarian welcome gift. 

It Girls 3

Update: 2021-07-10 / It Girls 3

All newly purchased toys and latex items that Monica and Larissa bought in Munich must now be tried out immediately. They drive quickly home with her Porsche. The housemaid Jacline and her slave Betty are already awaiting there and they are excited to see what the ladys are up to.