• 	Feminization

Experience Feminization „I just want to play“

Here you slip into a role, that you have always wanted to play!
As a rubber doll, nurse, nun, house maid, pony, heavy rubber girl, mistress or fashion model, etc… you experience the day of your dreams.
We provide you with a suiting styling, hair, make-up and figure. You can bring your own outfit or additionally book something from us on loan. In an appropriate setting you will enjoy your second nature. We will create a relaxed atmosphere and unforgettable moments with professional support. As a highlight you receive some souvenir photos.

Tell us, what is important for you and what you have in mind! Let your imagination and phantasies run free, and then we´ll plan an unforgettable experience together with you.
Please send an email to: webmaster@rubbersisters.com

Equipment and clothing

You can bring your own favourite outfit or – depending on size and availability – lend something from us.


• Professional styling (hair, mask, make-up, breasts, hips)
• Advice and tips how to correctly put on the „2nd-skin“
• Figure shaping of the perfect female curves
• High heels walking training and authentic body movement as a woman
• Possibility to lend a (latex) outfit from our equipment
• A suitable location will be arranged and booked by us
• Souvenir photo (non-professional)
• Subsidised acquisition of the used transformation products is possible
• Absolute discretion is assured
• Duration: about 3 hours

We look forward to individually plan your memorable transformation experience together with you and let your dream come true. The prices vary depending on demand, equipment, loan, location and therefore are very different. We will settle this together in advance.

Feminization FAQ´s:

  • Is it possible to express ideas during the role play/transformation?
    Yes, it is very important for us, because every person has very individual preferences. Therefore please tell us your wishes latest 14 days before the appointment.
  • Where does the experience take place?
    Depending on the location the transformation will take place in a professional studio or premium hotel. Location preferred in Munich. Another city is also possible. Appointments by arrangement.
  • What do i have to do in advance?
    Please let us know, which things you want to lend from us. Therefore we need some information from you, like body height, weight, shoe size, head/neck/chest/waist/hips circumference. Please send the filled out measurement sheet (Excel/PDF) to us.
  • Is there an outfit change?
    A transformation means to change into a woman, which includes the complete basic equipment to perfectly form the female curves. Additionally another outfit can be worn for a proper role. You can bring your own outfits and requisites.
  • From which age on can i take part?
    A participation in the experience is possible from the age 18. No sexual/oral intercourse or the like!
  • Is Make-up or hair styling inclusive?
    A basic make-up and hair styling is inclusive and will be done by us.
  • Do i have to shave before?
    Basic requirement is a facial shaving, full beard or moustache only works, if the mask is not glued on, but that is not the ideal solution. You don't necessarily have to shave your legs and chest, but it is helpful – especially, if you want to show legs. A shaving of the genital area also is useful, so the taping works better.
  • How many photos will be taken and edited?
    About 10 photos will be taken, which you receive in digital form.
  • How long does the editing and sending of the photos take?
    You receive the photos within 8 – 14 days after the date via email or download from our server.
  • Is it possible, that an accompanying person is present resp. watches?
    A person is allowed to accompany and watch the transformation without extra cost, in so far the person doesn't take part or disturbs the experience.
  • How can i pay?
    Until 14 days before the appointment the complete price is payable in advance on our account or via 2nd-skin voucher. Our banking information will be told during the booking process. If you cancel latest 8 days before the appointment, we will repay the price minus 10% arrangement fee. After this point of time there will be no repay anymore. Please understand that.